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When Is It Time to Replace Your Attic’s Insulation in Tampa?

If the conditions are appropriate, some attic insulation products can last for a lifetime. When rodents or moisture are present in that environment, it can degrade in 15 years or less. [[1]]

Once the insulation becomes damaged beyond the point of offering the insulating value as intended, it’s time to consider a replacement.

Several factors determine whether you or not your attic’s insulation in Tampa should be replaced. The proper R-value can deliver better heating and cooling support to keep the energy bills down, which is why regular inspections are necessary.

What to Expect from Attic Insulation in Tampa

Degraded insulation often needs to be removed before replacing it with a new product because of the existence of mold or water damage. If you add new stuff on top of the old, the problem won’t disappear.

You can spot wet insulation during a visual inspection because there will be dark spots or streaks in the product. If you have batting installed, it might look compressed.

Once the old insulation is out, the new product will deliver a lifetime of support if the attic is secured against pests and moisture. Here’s a closer look at the various options you can buy today if you’re in this situation.

Fiberglass Insulation:

Many Tampa homeowners choose this attic insulation because it is affordable. Some products are even rated to last for up to 100 years. It must be fluffy and light to be useful, so anything that compresses it will reduce its R-value. Batts must be ten to twelve inches thick to achieve the required R-30 value in Tampa. We insulate to R-38 per the Department of Energy which allows for better energy efficiency for our customers.[[2]]

Spray Foam Insulation:

This attic insulation option is more prevalent in new homes because it’s more easily installed prior to drywall. It won’t some types absorb moisture like the other options, but the only way to remove it is to cut it away. Pest can dig into it, so a periodic inspection is typically recommended. There are also chemical gas risks with spray foam unlike other forms of insulation.

Mineral Wool Insulation:

You have several choices with this option, including blown-in, batts, and rolls. Depending on the base materials used for its creation, you can expect a lifespan between 30 to 80 years when professionally installed. If it gets wet, it must be replaced.

Cellulose Insulation:

This choice is popular because it’s made from recycled materials, offering an eco-friendly way to support your home. In perfect conditions, the lifespan rating can reach about 30 years. It starts degrading naturally in about half of that time. It’s very prone to moisture problems as well so not ideal in the Tampa area.

Blown-in fiberglass insulation is an excellent alternative to traditional batts. It’s quick and easy to install, provides the same R-value, and creates a product that’s relatively easy to maintain.

With about 90% of older homes in the Tampa areas following the older codes for R-19 insulation, you could be paying more than necessary each month for your heating and cooling needs. The Department of Energy recommends R-38 for attics today to ensure the most pleasant indoor experience possible. [[3]]

Why Choose Blown-in Fiberglass Over Other Insulation Choices?

Our team uses blown-in fiberglass insulation in Tampa because it is GREENGUARD Certified. [[4]]

The only way a product can achieve that status is to pass several rigorous tests. You can rest assured the product is proven to be safe for homes, businesses, schools, and more.

When you have a stable attic environment, blown-in fiberglass insulation maintains the same shape and thickness.

Some people choose cellulose insulation because of its eco-friendly nature, but our pros install recycled products with blown-in fiberglass. It’s made from recycled sand and glass without any additional chemicals.

That’s why blown-in fiberglass is superior to urethane foam, which contains formaldehyde and other chemicals. You’ll receive a Class A fire-rated product when choosing this service. [[5]]

Pests won’t eat the insulation we install, and it won’t settle like traditional batts. We provide a lifetime guarantee, ensuring that your investment delivers on the promised value. You’ll notice a quieter, more energy-efficient home once we’re finished.

How Do I Know If My Insulation Must Be Replaced?

A visual inspection is often necessary to determine if your attic insulation requires replacement. For most Tampa homeowners, that means a quick peek into that space with a flashlight is enough. If the insulation looks clean, light, and fluffy, you should be in good shape.

If you have spray foam insulation installed, it should appear clean and intact.

When moisture, rodent droppings, dead insects, or mold growth occurs in the insulation, your best option to maintain a safe environment is to replace the damaged materials. Reach out today if you’ve spotted a problem so that we can help your house continue being the home it’s been for you.

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