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The Risks Of Not Properly Insulating Your Tampa Area Home

Insulation tends to be one of the last things people think about in their homes however in the Tampa area over 80% of homes are underinsulated according to the Department of Energy. Being under-insulated is actually risky but most people are not aware of the risks.

Air Conditioning And Heat Escaping

While air conditioning and heat escaping are not detrimental to your health, it does have an impact on your finances so it is definitely something to consider when your home in underinsulated. People do not realize that typically our insulation services pay for themselves in as little as 1 season of energy savings! That's right, that's how much energy is leaking out of many of Tampa's homes and businesses.

Mold Growth

Not only is mold an annoying thing to combat, but it can also actually be a major safety issue, especially for those with breathing problems already. Mold forms when areas of your home have excessive moisture. This moisture is often caused by the cool air-conditioned air condensing on walls and surfaces that are hot. or areas where the cool air meets the hot air.

Proper Insulation helps combat this by providing a proper transition between the hot, humid, air and the cool air-conditioned air.

Frozen Pipes

While not an issue here in the Tampa area, lack of insulation is commonly known to cause frozen or even burst pipes in freezing weather during the winter months. Proper insulation keeps the cold away from pipes preventing expensive repairs.

Poor Health

Allowing air to freely move from outside to inside easily causes many people to have poor health due to allergies, mold exposure, cold drafts that can affect people with asthma, and more.

Air Conditioning systems have filters built in that helps keep the air in your home or business clean but when too much air is coming in from outside, the HVAC system cannot keep up resulting in poor air quality and potential health ramifications.

Benefits Of A Well-Insulated Home

We touched on a handful of issues with having an underinsulated home, now let's take a look at the benefits of a properly insulated home.

• Fewer pests - Properly filled insulation acts as a barrier helping keep pests out of the living space.

• Air Conditioning and Heating costs are reduced by preventing the escape of treated air.

• Prevents mold growth by preventing mold growth conditions.

• Helps prevent condensation on metal which can lead to rust.

• Helps reduce home maintenance costs by reducing strain on appliances like your HVAC system, water heater, and more.

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