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How Do Radiant Barriers Work In Tampa

Your attic might get excessively hot in the summer depending on what attic efficiency products you have in place. If your attic has inadequate insulation your air-conditioned air will escape via the attic and out the roof. While most Tampa Bay homeowners consider attic insulation improvements in the heart of summer, the best time to start installing insulation is immediately regardless of the time of year. Insulation will help save you money from the time it’s installed so there is no good reason to wait.

When the temperature begins to rise, the sun's beams bear down on your roof there is another attic insulation-related service worth looking into as well. That other service is called a radiant barrier.

What Is A Radiant Barrier?

The most common kind of reflective, radiant-barrier insulation is aluminum foil with a range of various backings, including plastic film and cardboard. These are the most common consumer-grade radiant barriers. This “insulation” is extremely effective at reflecting the suns radiant energy away from your attic helping maintain cooler attic temperatures. Our radiant barrier is a spray-on metallic material that allows us to easily coat all surfaces of your roof deck ensuring complete coverage. The biggest benefit to this is that our radiant barrier cannot tear and fall apart like the older foil materials.

How Do Radiant Barriers Function During The Winter?

Radiant barriers, on the other hand, aid in preventing winter heat loss. While conventional insulation materials function by retarding conduction and convectional heat flow, radiant barriers and other reflecting insulation solutions work by reflecting heat back towards the source, in this case, your home.

In the winter, radiant heat accounts for most of the heat lost via your ceiling and roof. A radiant barrier constructed correctly may reflect that heat back into your house before it leaves.

How Do Radiant Barriers Function During The Summer?

On hot days when the sun beats down on your roof, radiant heat from the bottom of the roof deck is reflected back up rather than superheating your attic. Radiant barriers work well in warmer climates with an attic air ducts too. According to research, radiant barriers may save up to 20% on cooling expenses when implemented in a warm, sunny regions like here in Tampa.

It's critical to upgrade your thermal insulation first, using methods such as blow-in fiberglass, to ensure proper R factors. Radiant barriers perform well in attics with the appropriate R-value thermal resistant insulation. When rebuilding your HVAC system, improving attic insulation will allow your new HVAC system to be less stressed and last much longer.

Spray On Radiant Barriers Must Be Installed By A Professional

Spray on radiant barriers and attic insulation should be installed by a competent insulation installation company in Tampa, FL to ensure the proper safety precautions and considerations are taken. If you are looking for a more efficient attic or are planning on replacing your AC system now is a great time to upgrade your Tampa homes insulation too! Contact us for a free estimate.

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