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Does Attic Insulation Help With Humidity

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

The summers here in the Tampa Florida area can be brutal and with all the humidity, it really takes its toll on your air conditioner. So, with the high humidity here in Florida, does attic insulation help get rid of it? The answer is yes and no...

While insulation does not directly remove or prevent humidity into your home, it does help your air conditioner by allowing it to not run as hard. When your air conditioner does not need to run as hard it can more easily remove the humidity, and more of it, from your home.

If it seems like your air conditioner really struggles to keep up it's very likely that you do not have the proper amount of insulation in your home resulting not only in an uncomfortable home but, also high energy bills!

Contact us at Insulation Plus for a FREE energy loss evaluation and see how we could help lower your energy bills by as much as 40%! Many homes in the Tampa Bay area are under-insulated, it's likely that your home is too if your air conditioner does not seem to keep up on hot days.

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