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Do I need to Remove My Old Insulation?

We get this question all the time and the answer is, it depends... While it's always BEST to have old insulation removed and new blown in, in some instances, you can leave the old insulation in place and blow an additional new layer of insulation over the top.

There are times however that removing the old insulation is an absolute must. Oftentimes people end up with rodents or other critters in their attic which defecate all over the old insulation. This not only makes homes not very pleasant smelling but, also lets small dust particles from it in the air you breathe.

The other main reason you would want to remove old insulation is from water damage. Water-damaged insulation can cause lots of mold growth which again ends up released particles into the air you breathe.

So, due to the health risks of old insulation, if your insulation looks questionable, it's always best to have it removed and fresh insulation blown in. This helps to eliminate the risks associated with keeping the old insulation.

If you're not comfortable checking your insulation one of our techs can inspect the area to be insulated and tell you whether or not you need to replace your insulation.

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