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4 Factors That Have A Detrimental Effect On Blown-in Attic Insulation In Tampa

While insulation is a long-term investment that saves you money year after year in Tampa, it does wear out and lose its efficacy over time, especially when damaged. Time, humidity, and critters contribute to your home's insulation degradation, which costs you money by lower R-values in your attic. Attic insulation can last a long time if it is monitored and taken care of, once its damaged it needs to be replaced though.

So what are some things that can cause your insulation to need replaced?

Wet Insulation

Water leaks around roof vents, skylights, in gable vents, etc. can cause damaged to your homes insulation. Once insulation becomes damp, it loses its R-value and thickness, even if it is dried. The trapped moisture inside the insulating material may also promote mold growth, accelerate joist degradation, and cause metal or steel parts to rust.


Are mice, rats, raccoons, and more a problem in your attic space? Or have you noticed their little feces in various areas of your homes attic? If you answered yes, your insulation is in danger of being damaged. Additionally, you may be living in health hazard. When rodents scamper through your attic, leaving their feces and urine everywhere, they do it directly next to your HVAC unit or directly over your sleeping area. This dried urine and feces can end up blowing through your house via your HVAC system. These remnants do not just vanish and must be addressed if detected. Additionally, they are stomping your fluffy insulation into a matted-down pancake as they jump about!

Insulation Removal

At the first hint of animal activity in your attic, you should contact a pest control professional. You may be able to rescue your insulation if you act quickly enough. Still, there is a strong likelihood that after the pest has been removed or destroyed, a thorough removal and disinfection of your attics insulation should be conducted. This will save you money on your energy cost if your insulation was older or installed when building codes were not as strict and could even improve your overall health.

Severe Weather Occurrences

If your house has been subjected to extreme weather conditions or disasters such as floods or fire, the insulating materials are more susceptible to deterioration. Some parts of the Tampa area, FL, are well-known for being prone to floods. If your home receives only a few inches of water, your bottom drywall and insulation will almost certainly need to be replaced at a minimum. Often times if water sits for any period of time mold will begin to grow throughout the home even in the insulation in your attic due to the huge amount of moisture in the air.

Blown-in Insulation Service in Tampa, FL

If you suspect any of the issues mentioned above do not hesitate to contact us and we will come out and inspect the areas of concern. If nothing else this will give you peace of mind in your current insulation but it will also give you an idea of just how little it costs to make your home significantly more energy efficient.

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