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4 Benefits Of Having Radiant Barriers In Tampa

In Tampa, FL, radiant barriers are typically found in attics; they are made of a highly reflective material that reflects radiant heat rather than absorbing it. One example of a similar technology we see everywhere in the Tampa area is tinted car windows. Many of those tints block or reflect the suns UV rays back helping prevent heat build-up in your attic. This post will go over four benefits concerning radiant barriers that you should be aware of.

Radiant Barriers Require Little To No Upkeep

Radiant barriers do not need to be maintained regularly once installed, depending on the conditions of your attic. Our Radiant barriers are installed on the back of your roof decking reflecting back the radiant heat from the roof. So long as there is no damage to the roof deck, deterioration, etc. your radiant barrier install will last for years.

A Radiant Barrier Raises Your Home's Commercial Value

Everything is important when you are looking to sell your property. Radiant barriers increase a home's energy efficiency, lowering its electric bills. As a result, its resale value increases. Many insulation installers have confirmed this. Consumers appreciate the value that radiant barriers bring in terms of convenience, energy savings, and prevention of wear and strain on air conditioning systems, resulting in a higher resale property price.

Radiant Barriers Are Not Just for Older Houses

Radiant barriers can be used on new homes too (and should)! Radiant barriers work well at improving energy efficiency and who wouldn’t want that? Radiant barriers help maintain garages, outbuildings, boathouses, pole barns, etc.

Barriers Help HVAC Units Last Longer

When it's hot outside, radiant barriers prevent heat build-up in your attic which eventually pushes its way into your home. When this happens AC systems struggle to keep up, running longer cycles, or sometimes not even shutting off at all.

The less the HVAC system is used, the longer it will last and the more efficiently it will run.


Radiant barriers are not a substitute for proper insulation in your attic, however, they are a great addition to it. A radiant barrier will help keep your attic cooler, increasing the life of your HVAC system, decreasing your energy bills, and increase the overall efficiency of your attic and your home. For a free estimate for radiant barrier in your Tampa Bay area home, contact us today!

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