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We know that when you hear options, news reports, and commercials, the topic of Energy Efficiency can become somewhat confusing. We've compiled together a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you understand the products and the choices.

If your question didn’t get answered here, please contact us. We'll happily answer anything else for you today!

What Is Insulation's R-Value?

R-Value provides the measurement of an insulation's resistance to heat flow. When insulation products have a higher R-Value, it has a higher insulating power.

R-Values gets determined by the width and installed weight per square foot and the material type, not by thickness alone. The minimum building value is an R-30; the Department of Energy suggests R-38 for gas furnaces and R-49 for electric.​

Do I Need To Remove Current Insulation?

Not usually. Adding new insulation to the existing materials will have a cumulative effect on calculating the total combined R-Value. Occasionally, if mold has accumulated or there are other issues with the existing insulation, it may need to be removed.

That is rare, however, and Insulation Plus of Tampa can assist you in determining if that is necessary. ​

How Does A Radiant Barrier Work?

Imagine your car sitting in a hot parking lot. Its interior can easily reach 140 degrees!

What happens if you place a reflective barrier inside your windshield and park in that same car lot? Your vehicle is not nearly as hot, cools down quickly, and won’t burn you when you sit down to drive.

Radiant Barrier works similarly. By reflecting the solar heat that is beating down on your roof, the attic stays cooler.

In turn, it helps your home cool down quicker and stays comfortable with less work from your air conditioning system.​

I Have Lots Of Insulation. Do I Still Nedd Radiant Barrier Insulation?

Regardless of how much insulation remains in your attic, installing a Radiant Barrier will lower your monthly utility costs and maintain a more comfortable home. Energy savings with a Radiant Barrier could achieve rates of up to 17%.

Insulation Plus of Tampa will analyze your home, as well as inform you of your possible savings potential.

Why Do I Need A Cooler Attic?
When the sun's heat and light radiate onto your roof, it feels scorching. The heat from your shingles or tiles then transfers through the roof and into your attic.

If the hot air doesn’t get removed from your attic, it will eventually enter your home. There, it will make your HVAC systems work overtime.

Attic insulation reduces the process, but it will not prevent heat from transferring entirely. If your attic doesn’t get insulated well, it won't offer much to keep the heat from entering your home.

Plus, your hot attic remains sweltering well after sunset, so heat transfer continues all night. When you reduce the hot air from your attic with a Radiant Barrier, Solar Attic Fans, or Ridge Vents, it will minimize heat transfers overnight to your living space.

The less heat that enters your house, the less your HVAC system will need to work. When your A/C components work less, your Florida house remains comfortable consistently, and your utility bills get reduced.
How Does A Solar Fan Work?
Solar Attic Fans work by drawing hot air out of your attic and pushing it to the outside, lowering temperatures. These are great items to help reduce energy bills because of the cooler attic, and they do not need electricity.

When combined with passive airflows like ridge vents or soffit vents, our solar attic fans work even better to cool your attic space!

Without the right insulation products and correct installation, your home will only trap more heat and humidity from the outdoors. Even if you crank your thermostat down to a freezing temperature, it won’t do much good until gaps get plugged.

We use long-lasting, durable materials that not only show you results now but will continue working great for many years. We make it simple to stay comfortable all year round for less.

Choose Insulation Plus of Tampa today for your best choice in attic insulation services.

Why Home Insulation?

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